Why I Love Being A Philly Escort

"I have found men who didn't know how to kiss; I've always found time to teach them." - Mae West

I know what you're probably thinking. You are probably pretty skeptical that the title of this blog post is true. But I'm here to tell you that I can confidently and comfortably admit that I love this job and the sometimes weird and sometimes wild adventures that come with the territory.

As a young woman who has spent time in corporate and freelance marketing roles, and then bounced between stripping and other types of sex work, escorting has consistently been the most fun, liberating and exciting type of work I've performed.

Believer it or not, I'm an introvert at heart so being around 1 person individually allows me to relax and focus my attention instead of being overwhelmed by multiple types of interactions in any given time period--which is the complete opposite environment of a gentleman's club or live webcam stream. I'm a pretty natural exhibitionist but trying to have 10 conversations at once is like trying to squeeze into a pair of jeans that are 5 sizes too tiny! I'd rather not waste my time or energy on that Sisyphean quest and escorting ensures that I don't have to!

I'm a low volume provider because I like taking my time and learning about my new and returning clients. I love conversing about all kinds of topics and listening to all the little details of someone's life like what kinds of pets they had growing up or how the type of record player I have at my incall is identical to one they had years ago and they can't believe I found one! My conversationalist skills lend themselves to being able to talk to anyone from any background about anything. I have the gift of gab and it serves me well in this line of work. And my clients agree--they continuously schedule with me because I allow them a space to relax and truly connect.

Since my girlfriend experience sessions are so tender and full of genuine connections, they're passionate and memorable. On one of my recent dates, I was happy to enjoy exploring intimacy with a new friend who had been on medication for his mental illnesses. He hadn't been able to achieve orgasms in a long time with a physical partner. Do you know how special and endearing it is to know that you've helped someone through physical intimacy after only just having met them 30 minutes beforehand? It's humbling, too, to have someone feel comfortable disclosing information that's so personal; and I never pry but that's the beauty of the connections I form with clients. I'm like a longtime friend that you are seeing for the first time in ages; there's no need to feel guarded or reserved whatsoever.

Then, of course, I love interacting with different types of sexual appetites and styles with new and returning friends. My most favorite and cherished dates are learning exactly what your body yearns for most and giving you just that.

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