Pleasure Perusing in Philadelphia

Greetings from the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection! This sprawling metropolis is my current home and I thought what better way to introduce you to me than describe and direct you on a 24-hour span of my antics in the city. It's a wondrous example of what you'd expect to experience in scheduling my quality GFE-style overnight date (when it's safe to do so again).

Good morning! I'm glad you're awake after a restful sleep. I cover you in kisses and start your day with a good morning orgasm. We then pop over into the shower and clean each other, to prepare for the day. I dance around as I get dressed, singing whatever silly little jam plays over Spotify--Prince? The Stones? Bill Withers? What would you enjoy most?

Our first stop is my favorite breakfast spot: Sam's Morning Glory: A Finer Diner!

Serving delectable coffee in unique thermos-level aluminum mugs is just one of the many qualities that make this space so amazing. We're lucky that our visit is during an off-hour so we choose one of the coveted booths in the middle of the cozy bistro. Their menu boasts an array of specials and selections for every type of flavor palette and diet, including ketogenic, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options! We have our fill and enjoy the bustle of people watching and pleasant conversations before heading off to our next destination!

A pleasant brisk walk or brief car ride later and we approach the whimsical Magic Gardens on South St.

Brainchild of the multi-award winning mosaic muralist, Isaiah Zagar. Zagar's work focuses on repurposing and environmental conservation so all of his work is sourced from reusable materials like glass bottles, broken tile, wires, metal, and anything else that Zagar has found inspiring. Although Zagar's murals are featured throughout the world, this is one of the largest collections of his work in one place and the interior and exterior grottos and pathways are remarkable. This landmark is a true staple of Philadelphia's unique culture and a must-see in visiting the city!

We'll detour to Writer's Block Rehab, sipping on delectable Gimlets and other familiar though updated cocktails. Perhaps take in a quick peak at the shops around Rittenhouse Square before heading back to the incall for a sensual siesta.

Before long, we'll realize it's time for dinner. I would never spare your palette the absolute best and so you'll have the pleasure of choosing between the Diamond-rated La Croix: home to the most impeccable wine list in the city, this is an absolute hedonist's delight and I welcome any gentleman who would insist on conversing over dinner in this luxurious hall.

But then there's the upcoming juggernaut, Volvér: the reigning crown jewel in Philadelphia restauranteur Jose Garces' empire. This particular gem is tucked inside of the Kimmel Center, home to the Philadelphia Orchestra and a myriad of other incendiary musical and theatrical performances, providing ample possibilities for a night of entertainment.

Or perhaps you'd like to dine at Château James where I'll whip up some of my favorite southern comforts alongside French or Spanish fare. Either way, you can expect an exquisite dessert...

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