Leather Labor

Random disclaimer: I don’t deal in the business of kissing and telling, so this story is shared with express consent. ;)

Steam pooled from the bathroom threshold as a waif-ish figure emerged, drowning in a waffled robe strewn about his shoulders. My full lips arced into a seductive smirk as my shy, young suitor for the evening sat across from me upon a chaise, staring blankly at the floor, flush from the hot water that had drenched him moments ago. I could see him staring through his eyelashes at me but he couldn’t bring himself to meet my gaze. Something about his timidity thrilled me and I slowly gathered myself from the loveseat approaching him in a quick but sensual gait, hips swaying in each step. My slender fingers grazed his cheeks before cupping his chin and lifting it ever so slightly to meet my eye. His lips parted as he drank me in.

My perky, bronze breasts greeted him first, cupped in a combination of black vinyl and mesh. Blonde tresses softly framed my face, cascading across my chest and shoulders. His cheeks rosied as we locked eyes. “Ohh, dear, you’re blushing,” I cooed. He sighed, and offered a nervous, reassuring chuckle. “Why are you so nervous, my pet?” I still held his chin but allowed my hand to slack a bit.

“I want to please you. But I’m new to all this,” he all but whispered. My grin intensified.

“I know.” At this point, my hand slowly caressed the side of his neck before pulling him into a deep kiss. Tongues danced; lips clasped. A gentle moan eased from him as my teeth clamped down briefly on his bottom lip. “Luckily for you, you’re in the right place.” I straddled him, placing his hands on my hips as outlined his earlobe with my tongue, sinking lower to bestow lipprints to his neck and collarbone before rising back to enfold our lips. His hands gripped my skin, indenting tenderly as I raked my nails lightly along his arms before burying my fingers in his shaggy dark coils.

I could feel him pulsing betwixt my thighs. I ended our lip lock and smirked devilishly as I slid through his thighs and rested on my knees on the floor. It was here that I spread the tabs of the robe barely covering his erection, freeing him from the robe entirely. I gripped his shaft tight in my right hand while it’s twin massaged his sack. My doe-like eyes shimmered sensually up at him as I drooled a healthy amount onto his cock, never breaking eye contact, gripping and stroking him slowly and tightly in circles. He bit his lip, blushing again. I smiled. “Does that feel good?” He nodded, and my mouth descended onto him. Between my wet tongue, tight jaw and the hand cradling his jewels, he found himself losing the battle of coherent thought and sentence structure. A symphony of breathy moans and wet sucking clicks crescendo around us. I find a nice apex to rest after a few moments and giggle as I flip my hair over my shoulder. “I think it’s time for our next course, don’t you?” He smiled and I leaned back up to kiss him slowly before leading him to the bedroom.

My rose gold holographic strap-on harness hangs proudly on the drawer knob of the bedside table. Above it sat a collection of necessities on a towel including hybrid lube, condoms, gloves, an assortment of anal toys and a couple of dildos. The shy brunette takes his place in the center of the bed, and instinctively bends over. A bright lavender gem greets me from between his tight cheeks. I couldn’t help but give him a light smack on the back of his thigh, running my palm up to his left cheek for a quick pinch. He groaned and his eyes sprang to me while I grabbed a glove and gingerly slid it onto my left hand, snapping the wrist rim in the process. The right hand followed the same treatment and I picked up the thickest dildo of the group. Eyes wide, I brought the dildo toward him and ordered, “Lick.” Reluctantly, he licked the member until I updated my order to suck. His small tight mouth could barely fit the plasdick and it gave me so much satisfaction to watch him struggle with it that I finally let him rest after a few minutes.

Grabbing the first vibrator in the row, a bullet, I touched the tip to the gem peeking out from his ass. He moaned as the sensations reverberated throughout his hips, groin and torso.

“Stroke,” I commanded him. “Slowly. Wouldn’t want you to cum just yet.” He hungrily obliged and we stayed like that for a few moments, his moans punctuating the buzzing. It was then that I pinched his butt and moved the vibe away. “How’re you feeling?”

“So good, mistress!”

“Bravo, then let’s get started.” I put the vibe down, reached for the smallest girth dildo and my harness. After I eased the dildo into place through the steel ring in the center, I slid the leather gently over my hips and strapped it into place. Bringing my lover up to his knees, we kissed again voraciously. He paused after a few seconds and looked down awkwardly. I grinned, and looked down, too. “What’s up?”

“We’re crossing swords.”

I looked down again to see indeed both dicks were paralleled, his throbbing and dripping precum, mine glossy and ready for action. I couldn’t help but snort laugh at this visual before chuckling out, “En Garde!” I stepped back a bit and charged him and we briefly clashed our swords before our laughter became too riotous. Collapsing onto the bed onto my back, I held my face and tried to hold back a few tears. This was the level of spontaneity that I always cherished most on dates. The freedom of stepping outside your conventions and fully embracing pleasure in whatever form it takes that day. We eventually sank back into the lust we’d committed to upon meeting but I’ll never forget this legendary exchange.


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