Moving Parts: The Truth About Duo Dates

Updated: Sep 27

I'm a card carrying, life-long bisexual so any time I'm asked about seeing couples or offering a duo to a client, my heart swells with joy. The anticipation of four hands, three tongues, and three concupiscent people meeting for the first time in a medley of bliss is almost enough to get me to drop whatever I'm doing to get a solo pleasure session in!

But what exactly takes place at a duo date?

Is it awkward?

Will you spend more time with one companion than the other?

Let's spend some demystifying this experience!

Threesomes, in general, are a tantalizing time. The benefit of a duo is to experience sex with 2 people simultaneously who already have great chemistry! You're skipping the awkwardness completely because both of the companions you see already know one another. They know how to play off each other's strengths and most importantly, they know how to satisfy your every desire twofold! Imagine double the pleasure on every part of your experience. Trust me, you'll believe in divinity after this because how could something be so seamless without an omniscient conductor?

This past week, I had an incredible duo with Danica Dash while she visited Philadelphia. Imagine how hot a passionate 3 way kiss is after a year of being stuck behind a mask. Between my soft pout and Danny's luscious lips, we could've stayed glued in place like that for the rest of our lives.

The best practice for the hottest duo you'll ever have is to make sure you have enough time. 2 hours is a good starting point, anything less and it'll be too rushed. You want to savor every inch of every body involved.

With 2 companions, you'll find your hands overflowing! It will certainly be impossible to spend more time with one over the other because you're going to be sandwiched right where they want you: on your back for a double fellatio attack; or maybe you're making out with one companions second set of lips while the other rides or sucks you into oblivion; or you're watching the companion you're inside of bend forward to pleasure the other beauty. There are some really immaculate combinations of positions to try and the possibilities are endless.

I invite you to get to know some of your favorites when you book your duo with me and one of my beautiful local friends! Here's my list of babes that I love to make memories with:

Avery Carter

Meredith Ye

Ava Miu

Cat Gold

Selene Sun

Mia McFadden

And in case you catch me posting about visiting friends, here's a short list of babes I love to see from Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago and beyond!

Koi Erotica

Danica Dash

Emma Lui

Isabella Bloom



Fancy Rae Baker

Bree Daniels

Danny Gold

Arielle Ivy

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